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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

$VRNG $GOOG Verdict Effect On Stock Price Estimates

$VRNG $GOOG Verdict Effect On Stock Price Estimates

"Lets first agree that any study like this is going to be incomplete; there will be many factors I will not be able to consider, either because I am not aware of them, or because I can only spend so much time on this article. Now, with that in mind, note that unlike VHC and IDCC, VRNG is a relatively new company in the public domain. I think - and this is a guess with all associated caveats mentioned before - what we are seeing in Vringo's stock price right now is what we saw in both IDCC and VHC's price before the conclusion of a case. The stock goes up and down depending on the progress of the case, and just when the general publicmakes a decision on an outcome, the stock surges, usually a couple days before the verdict/settlement. If all that is true, and if Vringo wins today, that is the key takeaway from my effort of the last three hours writing this article."

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