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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ANSWER from Judge: EDVACourt Election Day Nov 6th!! $VNRG $GOOG

"Ok folks...this is getting better. The question is...If we assign a cash amount now is that in addition to the running royalty rate. Judges answer was yes but he goes further because the jury is instructed to pick a damages amount for each defendant. We already know that they have asked how far to go back when considering these damages and this makes what they are considering just that much clearer now. My guess now is that in addition to running royalties we see a considerable damages figure as I suggested in an earlier post. The judge has instructed them that if you have made a determination that a running royalty rate or lumps sum is to be used then you must go on to fill in all of the damages (by defendant) on the verdict form #3C. I'm getting excited and you should be too."

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