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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

$VRNG $GOOG EDVACOURT Update Tuesday Election Day

For those concerned about how the election will effect the trial today I assume since Judge Jackson made no mention of it when he dismissed the jury yesterday he asked that they vote before 10AM or after lets say 5:30PM today if they haven't reached a verdict...which I don't think is likely. I expect a verdict based upon what I have witnessed by 3PM today. I think this will be a very good day for Vringo as I expect a significant damages award (over $110M and maybe as much as $160M) and a running royalty which paves the way for Jackson to award (possibly in the next couple of days if not today) what I think will be another $550-700M for VRNG based upon a flat growth number for GOOG which appears low as some estimates show 30-40% growth (My opinion here only folks). Who knows...maybe we walk into the courtroom today and find that Google has settled. I think that would be the smart thing but I am not witnessing what I think of as supreme wisdom from their side. I might add that I don't fault their attorneys for this.

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