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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The raid was actually very bullish $VRNG $GOOG

The raid was actually very bullish $VRNG $GOOG

if the shorts were more confident in their position at this point why raid, they would take the PPS higher to suck more people in and short more. They want out based on the obvious jury questions about damages and they hit alot of stops this morning. 

Hate to say it but nothing illegal about it. Put in a sell order at the market for 100,000 shares and the panic begins. Thats why no one should have used stop losses but the board was litered with them this morning. People wanting to lock in gains from yestardays move. 

Either way, the case goes on and the jury is still in session and Ed is probably right, we will end this today, I think VRNG will win, now the question is how much and what will the PPS do based on the damages and the future value of the win. gl

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