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Monday, November 5, 2012

$VRNG Edvacourt Update On Lunch Break $GOOG

"The jury is having a working lunch. The attorneys are out of the courtroom. They were informed that they would be notified if there is an update.

I might add that the courtroom optics showed the Google attorneys a bit more unsettled than I had seen them thus far. Gone was the joking around and goofy banter. The Vringo attorneys by contrast have always appeared to comport themselves in a more serious fashion. Even with the last question from the jury that seems favorable to them, they maintain their composure. 

I do not want to overstate this for Vringo, but it does seem that the judge took great pains to not overtly draw a connection between the jury's question and damages, although one would wonder what other connection could be drawn from his response. 

It seems if one were on the Google team and had been ordered not to engage in a settlement up until this point, now might be a time to reconsider. I'm guessing the jury (given lunch) will not come back with any updates, questions, etc. until 2:00pm at earliest. That would clearly give the sides enough time to have a substantive conversation. It is beginning to look like this could well be wrapped up today and therefore there is a clear and present urgency."

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