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Sunday, November 4, 2012

$MSFT $GOOG $VRNG Google refuses to license patents again.

$MSFT $GOOG $VRNG Google refuses to license patents again.

Such royalty rates, though, are the central issue in this trial, which begins November 13 in Seattle.
US District Judge James Robart has granted requests to block many pre-trial legal briefs from public view. Though he warned he may get tougher on the issue, the nature of the case raises the possibility that even his final decision might include redacted, or blacked-out, sections.
Legal experts are increasingly troubled by the level of secrecy that has become commonplace in intellectual property cases where overburdened judges often pay scant attention to the issue.
Widespread sealing of documents infringes on the basic American legal principle that court should be public, says law professor, Dennis Crouch, and encourages companies to use a costly, tax-payer funded resource to resolve their disputes.

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