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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is Apple's Stock Price Being Hit By The Fiscal Cliff?

Is Apple's $AAPL Stock Price Being Hit By The Fiscal Cliff?

"The second is that in the economics of taxation is is a basic assumption (also a basic proof) that you want to tax capital incomes less than labour incomes. For it’s investment that produces the wealth and jobs of tomorrow and if we tax investment returns people will invest less. Thus less wealth and fewer jobs in the future.
But leave aside these longer term points. People who have ridden the Apple stock in its surge over the past couple of years face a 15% tax bill if they sell now and a possible 35% one if they do in January. The thought is therefore that some goodly number of people are doing this. Something which is entirely possible as an explanation for the recent wilting of Apple’s stock price."

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