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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is Modernist Just A Shill for $GOOG ? See their $DDMG (Bankrupt Pick) from Late August. $PSTI Down a lot as well.

Is Modernist Just An Insider Shill for $GOOG ? See their $DDMG (Bankrupt Pick) from Late August & MANY Other Bad Ones

Modernist trots their expertise on various matters.

See their original posting on DDMG (which soon there after went bankrupt).

What an expert!!!!

"Five months ago, I provided five futuristic, imaginative picks to exploit the market's fearful, reactionary preoccupation with "value" and familiarity.
With today's zeitgeist favoring conservative stocks regardless of context, the market has turned its attention away from growth and imagination.
I put together a basket of stocks that are higher in price relative to backwards-looking fundamentals. These stocks have technologies woven into their business models, producing investments which are theoretically sensible yet practically unproven. This grey area in combination with an overly fearful market allows a discount in share price.
The picks have overlapping relevance across energy, transportation, media, and health. These are high-risk stocks which allow for high reward; however, this makes diversification necessary. Clearly this basket alone is not a full portfolio.
Here are my five recommendations from the article:
  • Lightbridge (LTBR) (Energy)
  • Tesla (TSLA) (Transportation, Energy)
  • Digital Domain Media Group (DDMG) (Media)
  • Google (GOOG) (Transportation, Media)
  • Pluristem (PSTI) (Biotech)
I disclosed a long position in Pluristem. I did not suggest weighting any company above another. Here is a chart of the price performance since:"

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