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Monday, November 5, 2012

$VRNG Big News Due Update 11/6/12 Breaking: $GOOG

"I'm not sure what is going on here but I had a previous post, after the jury's most recent questions, blocked. In short the jury came back and asked...if a running royalty rate is determined are we to assign a rate to each defendant. About 12 people hurried out of the courtroom as soon as Judge Jackson read this question and the Google attorneys visibly sighed. I am not entirely sure that I understood the next question but it was something to the effect of does the rate change by city. I still don't quite get that but it is pretty safe to say at this point that they are determining damages and are working on trying to figure out the running royalty figure. Since Dr. Becker showed a range between 3.5%-5% the jury could theoretically pick a larger number than his recommended 3.5%. The judge may in turn feel compelled to utilize that same rate when determining the future royalties. Since the earlier question in the day related to how far back they could go to #$%$ infringement on the part of 3rd party or non-Google defendants, I think we are seeing strong evidence that this jury may be determined to be very tough on these defendants. If I were Google right now I would be on the phone trying to come to a settlement number with Vringo. I cannot say this strongly enough. If I am wrong then what I saw today must have been make believe...that would be the only answer for it and I don't think that is the case. I expect a verdict for the plaintiff tomorrow or a settlement. Just my opinion based upon everything I know and have seen. Good night...jury reconvenes at 10AM tomorrow."

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