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Sunday, October 14, 2012

$VRNG Huawei is next after ZTE & $GOOG

$VRNG Huawei is next after ZTE & $GOOG

Huawei has said that it is looking to its smartphones to push a consumer gadgets business to rival its flagship telecoms gear in revenue.
The company is the number-two globally in communication networks, and made three-quarters of its dosh out of connecting wires to computers.
But if Huawei plans to carve out a global brand in smartphones it will get into a smackdown with Samsung and have to fight off a crusade from Apple fundamentalists and patent trolls. That is even before it has to look at the glorious Vole and Nokia alliance.
But Huawei is looking at China as its starter market. This year it will become the world's biggest smartphone market and it really has all the contacts.
According to Reuters, Huawei expects to ramp up its Android-focused product range with Microsoft Windows 8 phones and tablet PCs, and possibly phablets - phone/tablets.
It is also developing its own smartphone operating system to distance itself from Android.
Biao said that Huawei was devoting resources into coming up with a phone operating system based on its current platform, in case Google or Microsoft refused to let the company use their operating systems.
Wan Biao, CEO of Huawei Device, said that whatever consumers like, his outfit will develop. That means of course the company will have to boldly go into regions where other manufacturers have already had some success.

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