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Monday, October 22, 2012

$VRNG $GOOG 2nd half day update Trial October 22nd

Disclaimer: These updates are being reported by Mike who is attending today.
Please help to cover his costs by donating.
If sufficient costs are not recovered, the updates may be made available to donors on a priority basis.
This is reporting of events based on personal interpretation and without verification. Please make your investing decisions independently .
Day 4 Updates :
Dr. Frieder walked through his claims process which every  layman can understand. As mentioned earlier, this is/was a visual treat to the audience. However, it wasn’t smooth sailing. There were some bumps along the way for vringo.
  • Google it seems was successful in removing a piece of evidence concerning one of their documents. The specifics are not known yet.
  • Vringo counselor and Dr. Frieder reprimanded a bit
And some relief along the way from vringo:
  • 3 objections ruled in favor of vringo
  • Dr. Frieder’s opinion was objected but he eventually managed to squeeze in his thoughts
  • Google objected to one of the documents presented – Judge ruled in favor of vringo
  • Google objected with line of questions asked to Dr. Frieder – Judge ruled in favor of Vringo
However, the key issue was Judge was not too happy with video deposition and expert testimony interacting with vringo lawyers over the weekend. Judge expects the witnesses to be present in court if they are located nearby. This was not good news for vringo. However, I am told that they were not reprimanded in front of Jury.
Please check in after couple of hours for further updates. The next updates will cover Dr. Frieder’s cross examination.

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