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Friday, October 26, 2012

Interesting Posts on Pandora $P and why it may fail soon.

"They don't need to buy Pandora when they can make there own version for MUCH LESS!
Pandora is nothing but a Shelf company that stocks product from other companies.
They own nothing. No hardware, no content. The only thing keeping them alive is their subscription base. and once Apple Free Music comes out that is the next thing to erode. 

Apple is coming for Market Share. If you are long Pandora and you know Apple is going to copy your business and they have millions of devices out there and Billions of Dollars.... Shame on you then if you don't get out now."

"Have you looked at P's financials? It's a money pit....nothing but losses for 10+ years. It's cheaper and easier for APPL to build their own service, with better royalty rates negotiated directly with the labels that they already deal with via iTunes than to buy this POS company that pays more for each song it plays than it makes on advertising."

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