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Monday, October 22, 2012

$VRNG $GOOG Percyway FULL Update October 22nd! net positives for $VRNG

NOTE: See LINK Below - Please contribute to Percy through his blog to thank him for this update.

Dr. Frieder walked through his claims process which every  layman can understand. As mentioned earlier, this is/was a visual treat to the audience. However, it wasn’t smooth sailing. There were some bumps along the way for vringo.
  • Google it seems was successful in removing a piece of evidence concerning one of their documents. The specifics are not known yet.
  • Vringo counselor and Dr. Frieder reprimanded a bit
And some relief along the way from vringo:
  • 3 objections ruled in favor of vringo
  • Dr. Frieder’s opinion was objected but he eventually managed to squeeze in his thoughts
  • Google objected to one of the documents presented – Judge ruled in favor of vringo
  • Google objected with line of questions asked to Dr. Frieder – Judge ruled in favor of Vringo
However, the key issue was Judge was not too happy with video deposition and expert testimony interacting with vringo lawyers over the weekend. Judge expects the witnesses to be present in court if they are located nearby. This was not good news for vringo. However, I am told that they were not reprimanded in front of Jury.
Please check in after couple of hours for further updates. The next updates will cover Dr. Frieder’s cross examination.
Day – 4 Updates Second Half:
Sometimes in life it matters how you end rather than how you start. Well, more so in cases whether millions or possibly a billions is at stake. Can you imagine the pressure sitting next to jury and getting cross-examined by Google lawyers? This is not for faint-hearted or for amateurs. Succeeding in cross – examination is like you football team scoring a touchdown through interception when score is tied and other team is in their last drive of 4th quarter… For those, who are familiar with soccer, its equivalent to giving a pass to opposition forward in your D section….just seconds before the final whistle. Phew !!!
I hope you guys get the point. My note for first half might have been a bit disappointing for vringo, however, I am reporting as things are shaping up. No spin is added except to my crazy metaphors.  Now let’s walk through as the events unfolded and see what that could possibly mean as we go forward.
Dr. Frieder’s Cross Examination
Just before lunch, GOOG lawyers come out strong on Dr. Frieder by asking him specific questions about his testimony and referring to very specific details in their own documentation. The strategy it seems was to throw Dr. Frieder off-guard and cross – question him. As an example, he was asked that Quality Score used by Google is on a scale of 1 to 10 and patent potentially does not refer to that and so on.
Additional questions were asked on similar lines and that might have made Dr. Frieder a bit evasive and uncomfortable. Thankfully, it was time for lunch break and for everyone to gather their thoughts back. I am sure just like coaches energize an exhausted team at half-time , something similar must have happened with Dr. Frieder.
Post Lunch Cross-Examination:

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