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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Good summary of current court reporting system $VRNG $GOOG

"Muff, there won't be anything coming out of the Court updating trial progress, and we'll likely not hear anything from any of the parties during the trial. Should be some Orders get filed out of this morning's hearings before trial. As for what we'll hear, that probably just depends on who all is there reporting it. I'm guessing several are covering the trial that will bring forth some info on a daily basis, but don't know that for sure. There won't be anything official, but rather their subjective opinions of what happened, and what they heard. Those will likely be slanted by their bias one way or the other. 

We'll probably know in a few hours what kinds of stories are going to come forth, and who's there listening at trial. Remember that most likely anyone you hear from will be bias one way or the other. Things should sound good for VRNG for most of their case in chief. Anyone on the GOOG side of the coin will likely key on points defense counsel made with any witness on cross-examination. VRNG supporters will talk about how well the witness came across and the points they got in. Weigh anything you hear with a grain of salt. The only ones whose opinions count now are those 9 folks sittin in the jury box, and they all have to come to the same conclusion in the end, one way or the other, unless some stipulation was entered, which I doubt happened. "

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