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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Eric Schmidt Does Not Like Patent Wars

Eric Schmidt Does Not Like Patent Wars

Could Chairman of Google  ALSO be upset about $VRNG case and settling big or losing to an inventor of online ad systems?
So will Google make a new maps app for Apple devices? Schmidt gave the same answer he has given to endless dissection before.
“I don’t want to pre-announce products, but I can tell you that were we to do that Apple would have to approve it,” he said.
Schmidt said he still believes there to be a “Gang of Four” technology platform leaders — Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook — as he first proposed at an interview with Walt and Kara a couple years ago.
Besides Apple and Google, he said, “Facebook is attempting to become the world’s communications hub; and Amazon is attempting to become the world’s largest store.”
Shouldn’t Microsoft be included in there, Mossberg asked? No, Schmidt said. “It’s a well-run company,” he said, “but they don’t make state-of-the-art products.”
As for patent battles, Schmidt said he couldn’t talk about them for two reasons. First, he said, he doesn’t understand all the details; and second, the topic makes him too upset.
“These patent wars are death,” Schmidt said, noting that software is always overlapping and there are an estimated 200,000 patents covering the software industry.
Schmidt said the impact is worse for small companies than it is for companies like Apple, Google and Samsung that can afford to protect their technolopgies.
“I think this is ultimately bad, bad for innovation. It eliminates choices.”
As for the latest skirmish between Google and Apple — Apple’s default map application on iOS used to use Google data, until the latest version — Schmidt said he thought Apple made a mistake.

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