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Monday, February 28, 2011

Apple POTENTIAL CEO (Jony Ive) told: 'Your career, or your kids'

Rumor: Apple to Jony Ive: 'Your career, or your kids'

"As iPad 2.0 looms and Java-free Lion prowls, this morning's gloomy Apple[AAPL] story revolves around claims Brit-born senior vice president of Industrial Design, Jony Ive, plans to quit the firm as he and the board hit an impasse over his wish to give his children a proper UK education.
As reported by the Sunday Times, (paywall link) and also the Daily Mail, Ive and his wife "want to educate their twin sons in England." Apple's not happy about this and has told him that he can't return to the UK and stay with Apple.
The timing is pretty messy.
Ive has informed nearly all Apple's major hardware product designs since joining the company in 1996. With Jobs out of the loop on extended medical leave these additional reports will inevitably drive investor concern." 

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