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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Apple patents disappearing vertical scroll indicator

Apple patents disappearing vertical scroll indicator

 "The '134 patent claims priority back to 2007 and includes pretty broad coverage on a disappearing vertical scroll bar on portable touch screen devices. Here's a summary of the key portions of the first and broadest claim in the patent: a portable device with a touch screen display;
  • displaying a portion of a larger document on the display;
  • displaying a vertical bar, not a conventional full-length vertical scroll bar, at the screen's edge;
  • detecting a movement on the display, and scrolling the document accordingly;
  • moving the vertical bar; and
  • ceasing to display the vertical bar — e.g., after a short period of time.
If you think that claim has the potential to cover most Android devices out there, you may be right. The disappearing vertical bar has been a feature in Android going back to at least version 2.3"

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