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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Will iPad 2 Be Another Enterprise Afterthought?

Will iPad 2 Be Another Enterprise Afterthought?

"The likelihood that Apple would simply send a press release announcing its next iPad (iPad 2) is like Lebron James laying up on a breakaway, so here we all come to San Francisco, breathless about what's to come at its March 2 announcement. In these very pages, we've talked about what the new tablet should be and what it shouldn't be, and on Wednesday at 10 a.m. Pacific time, we'll tell you in our live blog what it actually is. This will be the final announcement in this season of tablet introductions, and while this one may not be the slam dunk Apple made last year, it's sure to have a couple of surprises. And because the iPad has become a surprisingly popular business tool, we're hoping for some enhanced enterprise support.

A reasonable person may ask: With more than 15 million tablets sold, why should Apple care about expanding its scope? The enterprise is unreasonable, demanding even, and besides, other vendors are building tablets that do provide various levels of enterprise support" 


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