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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Linsanity: Life Lessons From Jeremy Lin: FREE for Amazon Prime Members

Linsanity: Life Lessons From Jeremy Lin: - eBook FREE for Amazon Prime Members

"The unfolding story of Jeremy Lin (Jeremy’s Chinese name is Lin Shu-Hao) and ‘Linsanity’ is a fascinating underdog story which most fans love, but what can we all learn from it in our day-day lives?

Jeremy Lin has been a star pretty much all along. It is a testament to both academic and athletic achievements, according to his high school’s paper: “... Lin is viewed as a role model who successfully juggled his love of basketball with the strenuous load of academic achievement. He achieved on both ends of the spectrum, a challenge which many students struggle with every day. I think he shows that you can be an all-around individual and still be a professional athlete as well,” librarian Rachel Kellerman said. He was a very good student here, went to college and stayed all four years, yet he never lost his dream of playing basketball."

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