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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is Apple Spaceship Plan A SELL SIGNAL?

Is Apple Spaceship Plan A SELL SIGNAL?

"Apple CEO Steve Jobs himself presented the plan to Cupertino's city council. According to Jobs, the building looks "a little like a spaceship landed" and said "It's a pretty amazing building." Based on the artist's rendering, I agree. The circular four-story glass building is a futuristic head-turner. Though not yet approved by the city, it's already being hailed as an architectural icon for Silicon Valley and part of Jobs' design legacy. Cupertino's smiling mayor referred to the design as "the mother ship."
The plan sounds aesthetically pleasing -- and expensive. Jobs bragged that there's not a straight piece of glass in the building and noted that Apple plans to replace much of the surface parking with landscaping and trees. The company also intends to add an underground parking garage, a rarity in Silicon Valley."

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